Anomaly Digs


Dusty Lickteig was the foreman from Geeding to lead the crew on this project.  Dusty and his crew worked with the Company's land agents to find land owners in order to start to stake the land for 86 anomaly digs.  The team then worked to contact all landowners; obtain the necessary state and county permits in order to start the job.  

Once all proper protocol had been completed, Geeding put 3 crews on the anomaly digs.  The crews had digs in many different sorts of landscapes, which included, but were not limited to: middle of duck hunters club ponds, in casings under roads and through steep hills.  The crews worked to dig out the sleeves and our welders then worked to coat the pipes.  

Most importantly, upon a safe completion of the digs, our crews worked to repair the land back to the satisfaction of the landowners.

Anomaly Digs were completed safely and within the expected time frame.