our mission

To play an essential role in maintaining the safety and integrity of the United States oil and gas pipeline system. We accomplish our mission through the use of the following business best practices.

Geeding Safety
We employ a “self-auditing” safety program.  Our advanced training facility includes a realistic pipeline simulator.  Our safety program EMR / TRIR statistics are below construction industry standards.

We employ highly qualified people and provide  the  training and technology for success in their careers. They need to succeed.  Our management team is experienced and focused on implementation of the Geeding’s strategy.

We focus our expertise on oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance.

We serve major oil and gas pipeline companies throughout the Midwest and Eastern United States.

Our equipment is well maintained by our in-house technicians. 
Equipment is primarily company owned, ensuring its reliability and availability.  An emphasis is placed on a high state of readiness, to facilitate emergency response.

Because of our continuous improvement process and the use of our in-house certified engineer, we deliver a greater degree of operational efficiency than other pipeline companies, while maintaining the highest- quality work, compared to our competition.

We go the extra mile to be good stewards of our environment and natural resources.