Pipeline Exposure Repair
Exposure Repair project in Belleville, IL

2012 Exposure Repair project in Belleville, IL. The job consisted of removing an abandoned 8 inch pipe, then recoating of the exposed pipe , sloping the creek bank to a 2:1 ratio and installation of armor flex articulating mats. The foreman was Jason Bruno.

The pipeline had been exposed because the creek was washed outnear the bank where the pipeline was located.  The crew from Geeding dug up the old pipe, and then removed the abandoned 8 inch pipe.  The live 8 inch pipeline was exposed at two separate locations. At both of the locations, Geeding re coated the live 8 inch line.  The armorflex articulating mats were then placed on the banks to ensure that the bank does not wash out again.  In order to complete the job, the Geeding crew placed dirt on top of the armorflex articulating mats.  

The Exposure Repair job was completed safely and within the expected time frame