Bank Reformation

St. Louis, MO

Brian Eveland was the Geeding Construction foreman assigned to the Bank Reformation project.  Brian and his crew worked closely with Buckeye, Kinder Morgan and several engineering companies in an effort to identify the best plan of action for this project.  The goal of the project was to restore the bank of the Mississippi River after a washout.  The bank of the river had been washed away by a water main break in the area, which left pipes having in the air along with a barge loading arm.  

One of the subcontractors on the project, Massman Construction, worked closely with the crew to work off barges with a 230 ton crane  The team worked to drive 65 tons of sheet piling along the bank of the river.  The team also worked together to place 4100 tons of rig rap along the bank of the river.

Upon completion of the bank replacement, Brian and his crew also replaced the piping which ran to the dock.  This ensured that the station would be able to return to normal operating capability.  

The Bank Reformation project was completed safely and within the expected time frame